Home Video DVD:

The Forgetting Game is now available on DVD through IndiePix.  To purchase a copy for home use, please click here.

To purchase a copy of the Indiepix signed by director Russell Sheaffer for $30, please click “buy now” below.

Educational DVD:

To purchase a copy of The Forgetting Game for educational use (educational institutions, libraries, government entities, or others screening the film publicly but not charging admission), please click “buy now” below.

By purchasing an Educational DVD from this website, you understand and agree that the purchased DVD may be used for educational and non-commercial purposes only.  You may screen it publicly within your institution but you may not charge admission, distribute the film, or resell the film or disc in any way.  To show one of Artless Media’s films with an admission charge, please contact us directly.

Educational DVD: $195 (if you would like to add a copy of The Forgetting Game to your public library but are under severe financial restrictions, please contact us at info@artlessmedia.com to discuss alternatives)

Autographed Poster:
To purchase a 11 x 17 The Forgetting Game poster autographed by Russell Sheaffer, Pulkit Datta, and Jim Bittl for $20 click “buy now” below.  Very limited quantities available.